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Reclaim Your Power

Healing After Sexual Trauma

A 4-week workshop to help you reclaim your body and pleasure, empower your voice, and reconnect to your heart after sexual trauma using meditation, breathwork, self-inquiry, dance, sensory awareness, and boundary work.





  • You are female or female-identifying.


  • You have experienced ANY type of sexual trauma including (but not limited to) non-consensual physical contact or verbal objectification/harassment at anytime in your life.


  • You feel sad, depressed, isolated, disempowered, angry, hopeless, and/or crippling anxiety that you can’t shake.


  • You are tired of the fear, shame, embarrassment and guilt around your trauma.


  • You blame yourself or don’t trust you own judgement because you…trusted that person/chose to go with them/etc.


  • You don’t feel safe in your body, in romantic or platonic relationships, in social situations, or in the world at large.


  • You don’t see a way forward or the light at the end of the tunnel. You feel discouraged and desperate for support, tools, resources, and community.


  • You are afraid of being ostracized, judged, or rejected by family, friends, and partners if they find out what happened to you.


  • You hate your body and feel disconnected from it.


  • You miss feeling pleasure and connection to your sexual desire post-trauma.


  • You lack the belief that you are worthy, valuable, and innately deserving of love and consent.


  • You desire deeper connections and intimacy with yourself and others but you don’t know how to get it. It feels dangerous and terrifying to let your guard down to let people in.


We will meet in-person once a week for 2 hours over the course of a month. We will combine both theory and interactive practice to support your healing. The maximum number of participants is 10 womxn in order to keep the container small so you feel safe and fully supported.

Week 1: Reclaim Your Power

We will begin with a heart-opening Cacao Ceremony to set intentions, a discussion about trauma, and an introduction to embodiment practices.

Week 2: Empower Your Voice

This week, we will activate our throats and crank the volume up on our voices.

No more being silenced.

Week 3: 

Reconnect to Your heart 

Now, it's time to drop into our hearts, reconnecting with our softness and tenderness and exploring what safe vulnerability feels like.

Week 4:

Restore your pleasure

We close the workshop by navigating our socially-conditioned and trauma-induced blocks that keep us  disconnected from our pleasure.



Self-inquiry to dig into the limiting beliefs and core wounding that keeps you stuck in low self-worth and fear.


Embodiment practices such as felt sense scanning and emotional mapping to reconnect your mind, body, and soul and to restore your sense of safety in the world. 


Breathing techniques to regulate a dysregulated nervous system stuck in trauma response.


Group sharing to practice being seen and heard and to experience vulnerability in a safe way.


Cacao Ceremony: Communion with the heart-opening chocolate plant.




4 in-person womxn’s trauma release circles (8 hours total).


Meditations, embodiment exercises, breathwork techniques, and journaling prompts to take back into your daily life for continued support and healing.


The time and space to share your story if you feel moved to. Sharing can be immensely healing for some and re-traumatizing for others. I honor each womxn’s choice.


A bonus email from me after the workshop with supporting documents and other materials to help you integrate the work we did together in the workshop.


A 50% discount on a private Biodynamic Breathwork for Trauma Release session with me during the month of the workshop.


I am not a magician or a healer. I am a space holder and a guide. We must each find the courage to show up for ourselves. What happened to you is not your fault but your healing is 100% your responsibility. No one can do it for you — not me, not your parents, not your lovers or partners, not your siblings, not your friends — you, and only you, can heal you. 


I will offer you my lifetime of experience with personal trauma and healing, practical and applicable daily tools, and the support you need to begin or continue your healing. My intention is to create a container where you feel safe to investigate the experiences and beliefs standing between you and your highest expression, to explore the edge of your comfort zone and recalibrate your nervous system, and to gather and connect with other womxn who have survived similar experiences. As a fellow sexual assault survivor, it is my honor to offer you all the tools I have found that have helped me return home to myself and come fully back into my body after abuse. We will laugh. We will cry. We will reclaim your power.

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