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for Trauma Release

What is Breathwork?

Biodynamic Breathwork is a 6-element healing system that incorporates breathing technique, conscious movement, sound, bodywork, emotional release, and meditation.


This unique approach uses the breath to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system inviting more energy into the body which allows for previously stuck emotions, chronic tension, and trauma to be released from the body.


This powerful embodiment practice recalibrates and increases resiliency in the nervous system supporting you to discover and trust your own inner wisdom.


Whether in a private session or class setting, all personal expression will be supported and safely held.  

What is Trauma?

Trauma results from a physically, emotionally, or psychologically harmful or life-threatening experience with lasting adverse effects on the individual’s functioning and mental, physical, social, emotional, or spiritual well-being.*

Trauma can be developmental (in utero or childhood), acute or situational (assault, accidents, or loss), chronic abuse or neglect, or complex exposure to varied and multiple traumatic events. 


We hold trauma in our nervous systems and it becomes a dam on the river of our energetic flow. It is the room divider separating us from ourselves. But it is disconnection, not dismemberment. You are innately whole.


Somatic therapies like breathwork can support you to reconnect with yourself.

* Adapted from The National Council of Behavior Health

8-Session Series Structure

The Biodynamic Breathwork system works with psychoanalyst Wilheim Reich’s seven “belts of tension”. Our initial visit will consist of an intake discussion followed by a general session which allows you to get familiar with the work. After this, you are encouraged to begin the belts of tension which are covered consecutively over an additional seven sessions. We will strategically work our way from the head to the pelvis in order to unlock trauma stored in each segment of your body. This top-down method best supports the clearing of stagnant energy and trauma by clearing the way for your life force energy to rise from root to crown. 


7 Belts of Tension:

Ocular/Third Eye




Diaphragmatic/Solar Plexus



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