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Somatic Steph

Embodiment Coach &
Biodynamic Breathwork for Trauma Release Practitioner

Meet Somatic Steph

somatic | səˈmadik | 
relating to the body, especially as distinct from the mind.

Stephanie DeRosa is an Embodiment Coach, Biodynamic Breathwork for Trauma Release practitioner, Somatic Sex Educator (in training), and ecstatic dance enthusiast. She has spent over ten years searching for the most accessible and applicable tools, practices, and resources to support her own healing after years of childhood, military, and sexual trauma and is committed to supporting you with those impactful discoveries.

Steph’s mission is to offer you a safe space to explore your inner own topography and to guide you through the deep self-work of deconstructing the walls that keep you protected but disconnected. She facilitates breathwork around the world and is launching a new program designed to help women heal after sexual trauma called Reclaim Your Power.

What is Embodiment?

embody | \ im-ˈbä-dē
transitive verb
to give a body to (a spirit) : INCARNATE

Embodiment is the practice of bringing your spirit fully into your body. We are all born fully embodied but trauma can create a disconnection between body and spirit as a protection mechanism for survival. One example of this is disassociation or mentally checking-out when your body was experiencing physical harm or feeling numb when you were being verbally berated. The result of disembodiment can look varied but can include low self-worth, difficulty with intimacy, and emotional dysregulation.


My embodiment work combines a lifetime of experience with personal trauma plus years of grounded somatic education to support the restoration of your sense of safety and security in your body and in the world. An embodiment practice can increase resiliency in your nervous system and empower you by cultivating your intuitive knowing and self-trust.


We are only able to meet others as deeply as we’ve met ourselves and we can only truly know ourselves by attuning to our physical and emotional bodies. When we meet the full spectrum of our human experience with tenderness and compassion, we create inner safety which, in turn, allows for more intimate, authentic connection with others.


In this way, we heal.

In this way, we return home to ourselves.

Work With Me

Work With Me

Image by Miguel Bruna

Reclaim Your Power:

Healing after Sexual Trauma Workshop


I am not a magician or a healer. I am a space holder and a guide. We must each find the courage to show up for ourselves. What happened to you is not your fault but your healing is 100% your responsibility. No one can do it for you — not me, not your parents, not your lovers or partners, not your siblings, not your friends — you, and only you, can heal you. 


I will offer you my lifetime of experience with personal trauma and healing, practical and applicable daily tools, and the support you need to begin or continue your healing. My intention is to create a container where you feel safe to investigate the experiences and beliefs standing between you and your highest expression, to explore the edge of your comfort zone and recalibrate your nervous system, and to gather and connect with others who have survived similar experiences. It is my honor to offer you all the tools I have found that have helped me return home to myself and come fully back into my body after abuse.

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